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Added on: June 2013

June, one of our favorite months of the year, and the month that kicks off summer! Most of us already have our summer vacation booked, but for the few that are still trying to figure out where to go, there is only one choice, Spain. Have some fun in the sun. This summer promises to be the best yet in Spain, the weather will be fantastic, the tapas will be eaten, the sangria will be drunken, the white sandy beaches will be enjoyed, and the castles and cathedrals will be visited, be part of this cultural experience, and have the greatest summer vacation you can dream of. Book your airline tickets and hotels as soon as possible to get the best prices and availability. Enjoy!


Added on: May 2013

With summer coming up within a month or so, most people are starting to plan their summer vacations, either with family, friends, or on their own. This summer promises to one of the best in Spain. Between the sunny beaches, medieval architecture, Spanish tapas, and a cold Estrella Damn, it’s kind of hard not choosing Spain as your destination this summer. Hotel prices, restaurant prices, and rental cars are still some of the cheapest in all of Europe when you visit Spain, so if you are in a budget, there is no problem. Booking your airline tickets and hotels online is usually your best bet, with great travel sites such as orbitz.com, cheaptickets.com, and expidia.com, you will surely find exactly what you want at the price you need. See you in Spain this summer!


Added on: January 2012

Hard to believe that another year has come and gone, and now we find our selves at the beginning of another year. As you have noticed, life goes by pretty fast, so you have to make sure you enjoy every minute of your life, and travel as much as possible, to nurture yourself with culture and knowledge. If you have never visited Spain in your life and are thinking about coming, stop thinking and start packing. Spain is a country that is filled with endless adventures, from visiting one thousand year old castles, to seeing the remains of the apostle St. James, to eating the freshest and most cultural food you will ever eat. While you are in Spain, you will notice that the majority of people live life to the fullest, and this is why Spain has the 3rd longest lived people in world. Time comes and goes, but Spain is always here, waiting for you, and ready to give you a new, fresh outlook, at life.


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