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This region is located in western Spain and it borders with the country of Portugal. This hard and arid land has (3) provinces: Badajoz, Caceres, and the capitol Merida. Here is where the best Jamon Serrano "Pata Negra" in Spain is made, black pigs that freely glaze through the fields eating acorns and chestnuts that fall from oak trees. This is also the land of Pimenton "Paprika", some of the best in the world is made here with the high quality guide lines under the DOC "De la Vera". There are many bridges, buildings and castles built by the Romans, as well the national park "Monfrague". This is the region where most of Spain's "Conquistadors" where from. The land was so poor, it turned average people into warriors, that would go away to other lands to find riches to bring back to their land.


  • Population: 1.1 Million
  • Land Area: 16,075 Sq. Miles
  • Provinces: Badajoz, Caceres, Merida
  • Capitol: Merida
  • Languages: Castilian
  • Main Attractions: Bridge of Alcantara, Monfrague National Park, Palacio de los Golfines de Abajo, Roman Amphitheater, Royal Monastery of Santa Maria de Guadalupe
  • Small Towns of Interest: Alburquerque, Belvís de Monroy, Don Benito, Jerez de los Caballeros, Plasencia, Trujillo
  • Major Soccer Teams: CF Extremadura




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